Blogs and Facebook News from the Coast

Here is my personal collection of Blogs on the Amalfi Coast that I really love to visit. Many bloggers also have Facebook Sites, and they post the most beautiful pictures and interesting links there, too. This is why I also include their Facebook Sites here.

Ciao Amalfi: A Blog from Amalfi

CIAO AMALFI is a wonderfully written blog by an American expat living in Amalfi, lots of beautiful pictures and stories of everyday life, colorful pictures of nature, the sea and the beaches. 

Bell'Avventura: A Blog from Positano

BELL'AVVENTURA is a blog written by an expat living in Positano. You can delve into the beautiful pictures on plants and the sea. My favorite ones are those taken on the wisteria plants, so characteristic for Positano in spring. Bell'Avventura has the most beautiful pictures and much more ...

Positano Daily Photo: A Blog from Positano

POSITANO DAILY PHOTO: A blog written by a British expat, providing readers with one photo a day life from Positano, you can witness what is going on in Positano and almost breathe in the air and sea, even if you are not there right now ...

Positano My Life: A Blog from Positano

POSITANO MY LIFE is written by a local, and in Italian. But here you can get insight into local news and of course a lot of in-depth pictures and stories accompanying them. Enjoy the background stories that the author takes time to write carefully, that are so valuable because you only see what you know.

Ciao Amalfi: Facebook Site

Click here to view the CIAO AMALFI FACEBOOK SITE. Even more beautiful pictures on Amalfi and surroundings. 

Bell'Avventura: Facebook Site

Bell'Avventura shares her pictures, links and videos on Positano at her Facebook-Site.

Positano Daily Photo: Facebook Site

at her Facebook Site, you can look up even more pictures taken from life in sunny Positano.

Positano News: Facebook Site

The important local online news provider's Facebook Site: colorful picture stories and links to local sites. Local news-related, additional stories on all topics ranging from fashion to politics to environmental issues ...

Simply ... Positano

POSITANO - this is the Facebook page of a Positano-based travel guide, marvelous pictures and videos.